Fall into FUN with Youth Sports

August 27, 2018


Basketball Skills, Youth Volleyball Skills, Youth Archery and Kyuki-Do Martial Arts"

Basketball Skills

6 - 8 year olds:  Level 1 - This class is designed to work on the fundamentals of basketball such as dribbling, passing and movements.  These classes will focus on hand-eye coordination and introduce the ideas of sportmanship and team play.

9 - 12 year olds:  Level 2 - This class will focus on teaching players new offensive moves by developing the footwork and ball skills necessary to be successful.  Great for players already in a league or for any player who wants to improve his/her skills.

Classes begin Monday, September 10th for 7 weeks

Level 1 (5 - 8 year olds):

Mondays from 6:15 - 7:00pm

Level 2 (9 - 12 year olds):

Mondays from 7:00 - 7:45pm

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Fees:  $70 member / $90 non-member


Bump, Set, Spike

Youth Volleyball Skills


Classes begin on Wednesday, September 5th for 8 weeks

3 - 5th grade:  6:15 - 7:00pm

5 - 8th grade:  7:00 - 7:45pm

The purpose of the class is to introduce and further develop good volleyball skills.  The coach staff will teach serving, setting, passing, hitting, blocking, and basics of team offense and defense.  The staff will encourage fun and sportsmanship as well as build the skill level of the volleyball players.

$80 member / $100 non-member

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Questions, contact Sue Owsiany at 815.526.1638 or sowsiany@ymcachicago.org.


Youth Archery

Learn the art of archery while having fun!  This kid-friendly introductory class will teach your child proper body positioning, safety, arm turn and control, proper draw, increased distance, and archery scoring.

Fall 1 Session:  September 8 - October 27

Days and Times:  Saturday from 11:30am - 12:15pm

Ages:  8 - 12

Prices:  $80 member / $90 non-member

Classes will meet outside in the small pavilion to the east of the Sage YMCA parking lot.

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Kyuki-Do Martial Arts

Kyuki-Do is a Korean martial art that incorporates the elements of Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Judo.  Students will learn self-defense and hand-eye coordination within a disciplined manner.  Classes are designed to incorporate families, as well as individuals, regardless of skill level!


Ages 5+

Class:  Mondays from 6 - 7pm (classes start September 10th for 7 weeks)

Fee:  $70 member / $90 non-member

Class:  Fridays from 7 - 8pm (classes start September 7th for 8 weeks)

Fee:  $80 member / $100 non-member



Ages 9+

Class:  Fridays from 6 - 7pm (classes start September 7th for 8 weeks)

Fee:  $80 member / $100 non-member


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