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Peace of Mind While You Work

Families choose the Y Safe n Sound program because their children are happy and parents are happy their child is safe.  Conveniently located in your neighborhood and a peace of mind knowing your child is having fun with friends. Gaining new experiences, and with staff who are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment each day before and after school.


Reasons why parents choose the YMCA

Proven success of youth development
Conveniently located in their community
Homework Time provided each day
Children are engaged in a variety of enrichment activities include physical activity
Healthy Snacks
A foundation of strong values – caring, honesty, respect and responsibility



“When it came time for me to return to work, the tough and scary job of finding appropriate care for our youngest child was on the top of our minds. We needed a place that was safe, affordable and dependable. After considering several options, we settled on the YMCA’s Safe ‘n Sound program located at our son’s school. Not only had we found a solution that met all the criteria that were important to us but we found that our son truly loved to spend time at his Safe ‘n Sound Program. The staff smoothly runs its program with careful thought given to the type of activities and routine that will best meet the needs of all children. Our son quickly fell into the routine and has since seemed quite at home. It was music to our ears, when we started hearing the words, ‘Why are you here so early to pick me up? I want to stay and play!’ The YMCA has provided us comfort in the knowledge that our son is in good hands while he is away from ours.”

-Safe ‘n Sound parent


My child has been attending YMCA Safe ‘n Sound program after school since the fall of 2010. Being a parent of a kindergartener (at that time) we wanted to make our son’s transition to full day school positive. We were very pleased with the program. The instructor takes care of our son and he always has a smile on his face when we pick him up. She is a pleasure and I hope to see her there for many more years as I plan on sending our son and he continues through elementary school

-Safe ‘n Sound parent