About the YMCA’s Safe ‘n Sound Program


For over 25 years the YMCA's Safe 'n Sound Program has provided its communities youth centered enrichment programs designed to meet the developmental needs of school age children with an emphasis on experiential learning, social and emotional development, and the promotion of healthy living. Activities are designed to academically engage students through play and to build upon what they are already learning during their day at school.

Nurturing Potential. Exercising Imagination.

The Safe ‘n Sound Program uses current research and trends studied by our academic partners such as Harvard School of Public Health and National Institute for Out of School Time, just to name a few, in the effort to increase physical activity, decrease screen time and provide a positive environment that encourages children to enjoy healthy lifestyle habits.

The YMCA is a nationally recognized child care provider serving over 500,000 children nationally at more than 9,000 sites throughout the United States.

Our Focus

Our youth centered approach focuses 8 key areas:


Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life for families through programs reflecting Christian principles to build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. 


Our Commitment to Healthy Living

The Y Safe ‘n Sound has made a commitment to help support the health and wellness of each child.  All snacks provided after school meet the criteria of the Alliance of Healthier Generation, a leader in youth and school wellness.  Thanks to a partnership with school lunch providers we provide snacks which consist of low fat dairy, whole grain, fruits and vegetables.  Additionally, we strive to provide physical activity daily which promotes Moderate to Physical Activity, an important aspect of the prevention of youth obesity.


Our Commitment to Youth Development

The YMCA is for youth development, nurturing the potential of every child.  At the Y, we believe all kids have potential and should have the opportunity to discover who they are, express themselves, and be nurtured in all their possibility. 

Being a leader in Youth Development, we are commited to the community and children we serve.  To ensure we are effective and impactful every day we continually evaluate our programs through the Research Validated tool – Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA).  Our professionally trained staff have been trained on YPQA through the Weikert Center.

The continual evaluation/validation process measures our effectiveness and impact on 4 key areas:


Benefits of Quality Care for Children

Research shows that the best afterschool programs do two things:

As the leader in youth development, the YMCA’s Safe ‘n Sound program understands the importance of providing children with a balance of academically rich activities as well as an enhanced focus on overall physical well-being. The YMCA’s Safe ‘n Sound Program works side-by-side with industry experts, and your school district to design enrichment experiences that help your child learn, grow and thrive as well as provide you the peace of mind know that your child is in a safe and nurturing environment.



Contact us if you have any questions by phone at 630-585-2207 or by email at sns@ymcachicago.org