Member Spotlight

March 04, 2019


Here at the Rauner Family Y, we're more than just a gym - we're a place where fitness meets family!"

Mike and Chieu are two dedicated members who have regularly been coming to the Y since 2015. If you ever need a spot on a heavy lift, these guys are right there to assist you. On one occasion, Mike generously gave a donation to another of our families. This kind of gesture has not been forgotten and is truly appreciated.

On why they enjoy coming to the Y, this was their response:

"It's a lot of fun here; you get to know everyone and it really feels like we are all in this together."

Here at the Y, we are more than just a gym: we are a place where fitness meets family. Members like mike and Chieu have demonstrated this kindness and have helped us continue to establish a culture of friendship and compassion. Let us continue to build on this because we truly have something special here at Rauner. Here, we take care of each other. We are a family.