Wellness Consultation

A Better You, A Better Us

You made the commitment to focus on your - and your family’s - health and wellness when you joined the Y. Let us help you be successful in your journey, because when you focus on your own health, you inspire others to do the same!

What is a Wellness Consultation?

A Wellness Consultation is a one-hour session where a trained YMCA professional will meet with you to identify your health, fitness and overall wellness goals. During this session, your consultant will identify Y programs, classes, resources and services that will help you meet those goals.

Why should I sign up for a Wellness Consultation?

Everyone is different - what works for one person may not work for others. Y Wellness Consultation is tailored to your specific needs and goals!

What will I learn from my consultation?


Your Wellness Consultant will ask you questions about your personal and family wellness goals to determine needs and possible Y programming suggestions. If requested, the consultant can check weight and body fat percentage in order to set benchmarks for a holistic wellness plan.


Research shows the key to long-term success with exercise, is to start slow. That’s why the Y is offering a free, evidence- based fitness plan called SMART START that eases you into better health, one week at a time. We will help you choose from our variety of group exercise classes to create this customized, incremental fitness plan that starts slow and easy, then builds steadily over the course of a few weeks.

Personal Training Options

Make sure you ask your consultant about our Y MaxTraining System®. This unique personal training methodology was designed with results in mind. The Y MaxTraining® System goes beyond personal training. It is a complete exercise and nutrition system customized to your goals, nutritional habits, level of health and fitness experience, and predispositions.

YMCA Program Options

Looking for ways to engage the whole family in a health and wellness program? Your Wellness Consultant can suggest programs at the Y for all ages and abilities!

Contact your Member Services Desk today to schedule your complimentary consultation!



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