Specialty Camp

Sports, Trip and Adventure Camps

Looking to build skills, have an adventure, experience new things, take trips or just have fun? Here are a few examples of our camps:

Check the offerings at your Local YMCA or see one of our camps.

Specialy Care and Medical Camps

Some of our most special campers don’t want to be different or stand out. They just want to fit in. Children are deeply affected by labels placed on them. Their self-esteem suffers. Sometimes their academic achievement is hindered. Even their level of socialization is impacted.

Check with your local YMCA for information on their camps.

YMCA Camp Duncan

YMCA Camp Duncan has a strong history of providing specialty care and medical programs in the form of week-long camps for children who are often labeled as “different” by their peers. These children might face very personal challenges — diabetes, asthma, Tourette’s Syndrome,burn-related scars or the loss of a loved one. Nearly half of the camp’s summer resident campers attend specialized medical camp and are drawn from acrossthe country, and overseas.

YMCA Camp Independence

Camp Independence is a special place for children and young adults with spina bifida and other neurological disabilities. The camp program is designed to teach life skills, foster independence, build confidence, teach leadership and increase self-esteem.