Summer Camp - Additional Options




Stay-Over weekends connect sessions for a longer stay!

When one session at YMCA Camp Pinewood just isn’t enough, there is the stay-over weekend**! A perfect transition between two sessions of camp, stay-over can provide some much needed time to recharge your camp batteries or provide you with the opportunity to do some special “stay-over-only” camp activities and trips.

Your child will get the chance to spend multiple weeks at camp without the need to return home on the weekends. Campers staying over will engage in activities only offered during the weekend: eat treats, have extended swim time, shower with no lines and explore the outer reaches of camp! Weekend activities could include a cultural experience like the Rodeo or a historical tour of Little Sable Lighthouse and a trip to the Cherry Pie Shop in Ludington. Each trip we offer is meant to expand the experience of your camper. Whether it is watching bucking broncos and chasing calves, or enjoying the view across Lake Michigan from the top of a century-old lighthouse, you can trust that your camper is getting much more than a typical stay at a quiet camp on the weekend.

Multiple sessions can be exhausting for your child but stay-over weekends offer a unique opportunity for your camper to recharge their batteries. After a session, campers move their sleeping bags and luggage in to the cabin that they will call home for the weekend. Laundry is turned in to a designated staff member for the weekend so that by Sunday or Monday, campers have all of their items neatly washed and folded for the next session. Campers have an extended rest hour Saturday; during this time they can sleep, shower, read books or listen to music. Sunday morning, campers and staff are able to come in to the lodge for a late breakfast, refreshed and ready to meet the next batch of campers.

If your child is ready for multiple sessions this summer enroll them in a Stay-Over Weekend for an additional $100.00 between each session.  
**Our Stay-Over option will ONLY be offered between Sessions 1 & 2 OR Sessions 4 & 5.