Experiential Education in the great outdoors.

Camp Pinewood's curriculum enforces positive values, communication, cooperation and encouragement among students while supplementing what you are teaching in the classroom! Depending on the length of your stay, programming can include many of the fun and educational classes below!

Adventure Education & Teambuilding

Leadership training

Leadership training (or teambuilding) uses the principles of experimental learning to create group cooperation, communication and community awareness. It stresses the positive role diversity plays in group dynamics and that all challenges can be met when working together as a cohesive group. By using community focused communication, teambuilding, low ropes, our 24-foot climbing tower or our mid-ropes course; students are challenged both individually and as a group to work towards self- or group-prescribed goals. Our great staff help children to process the events of each activity and lead the group towards a powerful, thought-provoking experience for all.

Outdoor Skills

Explore our 200+ acres in hands-on classes. Our Survival class gives children practical experience in erecting shelters and creating fires. Instructors can emphasize nature by leading children in an Adventure Hike discovering diverse habitats and including "Leave No Trace" ethics. Hikes will note woodpecker holes, identiying plants, salamander hunts, camouflage, animals tracks, scat and deciduous or coniferous areas around camp. Our Mid-Ropes course will provide participants a push in to their challenge zone. It gives groups a chance to support each other in their challenges and individuals an opportunity to grow in confidence! It is our hope that as participants learn how to challenge themselves here, it will be easier for them to face everyday challenges in life. Other classes include: Low Ropes, Climbing Tower, Canoeing on Lake Echo and Wood Lashing.

Recreation Activities

Schools can choose an opportunity for their students to experience different activities that they choose! This is a great opportunity for students to branch out, learn new skills and develop new friendships. Recreation activities can differ from year to year, each staff member sharing different interests with students and chaperones and may include:

Evening Programs

Your groups experience does not have to end when the sun sets! Camp Pinewood can lead students in evening activities including Traditional Campfire, an Elaborate Dutch Auction or our Exciting Mission Impossible! Our first night at camp for a group typically includes singing, staff-led skits and our extremely popular Night Hikes. Night Hikes are an ideal time to teach about nocturnal animals, the human eye, and adaptations.

Winter Activities

If there is snow on the ground, fun abounds at camp! Groups can participate in a number of the activities above with the following additions. Instructors will make each of these classes a learning experience focused on skill formation and fun:

Interested in learning more about our programs? Contact our Program Director, Sidney Long or request more information here!