January 07, 2019

Have Fun AND Get Ahead



Want to be a summer camp counselor but have concerns that you may not be as attractive to an employer on your day of graduation from high school, college or even grad school? A new study by LinkedIn [https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/01/04/the-30-most-in-demand-skills-in-2019-according-to-linkedin-.html?fbclid=IwAR3xtuzdMGdYWTN76c8vxPOD0wgKIhcMKDFj6B8oCHIB4OGBD5l4XeDrX-8] says that the soft skills and hard skills employers are looking for, are just a summer camp experience away.
All of the soft skills reflected in their study, and two of the hard skills, are elements to your everyday life when working with kiddos at camp. Additionally, you gain new friendships/connections, new skills, and experience the outdoors in a completely new way - through the eyes of your campers.
Become a hero at camp this summer and increase your value in the job market in the future! Apply HERE!