Member Profiles


Luz Ciupeiu, Lattof YMCA member since 2006.

"It’s the best possible environment for my kids to grow up in. Everybody is completely dedicated to self-improvement and that’s what they’re learning from their role models too."

Now 60 pounds lighter, Luz Ciupeiu, Lattof YMCA member and mother of two, shares her Y story and how her membership helped her and her family get a big part of their life back.

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Rick Swanek, Elmhurst YMCA member since 2005.

"Letting myself be vulnerable and pushing myself to open up to allowed me to support my friends in their fitness goals, and in return, they supported mine. It built this accountability for my actions that let me build a real atmosphere of change."

Learn how Rick's fitness journey changed when he opened himself up to the Y community and went from overweight, smoker to fitness fanatic, marathon-runner.

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Adrienne and Jon Parsons, Fry Family YMCA members.

"After having my sons, I wanted to be more of a role model to them. Being overweight just wasn’t going to cut it anymore."

Now 160 pounds lighter, learn how Adrienne, along with her husband Jon and their sons, found the support of the Fry Family YMCA just what they needed to focus on what mattered most to them.

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Keeley Sorokti and Family, Irving Park YMCA Members since 2010.

"The real difference in the Y is that it has a wider mission. As a non-profit, the YMCA serves the community in so many ways. It’s not just a gym. My kids can learn the YMCA values while we as a family can get more active."

Learn why Keeley Sorokti and her family chose the YMCA over other health clubs.

Biko Hooper, South Side YMCA member since he was 6 years old.

Since age 6 months Biko Hooper has attended the South Side Y where he's not only learned to swim competitively but where he has found his true passion. And the icing on the cake? A home away from home.

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