Fitness Center Update

June 27, 2018


We are listening to your concerns and suggestions regarding our redesign"

Thank you for your input regarding the Fitness Center changes. We appreciate the feedback. Here are some responses to frequently asked questions/offered suggestions.

MIRRORS: Our plans have always included adding more mirrors to the Fitness Center to correspond to the new layout. The mirrors have been ordered and will be placed ASAP.

FREE WEIGHT LAYOUT: We have listened to your concern about the free weight layout and plan to make some alterations to give you more space. This will take some time so please be patient while we reconfigure.

MACHINE CHANGES: We have heard your concern about the machines that were taken out. While we cannot bring all of them back in, we are looking to see which machines we do have room to bring back.

STRETCHING: We have moved the mats for stretching, Stability Ball use, etc. to the hallway. Please use that space instead of bringing a yoga mat into the Fitness Center as that creates an unsafe environment.

We appreciate your continued patience during this process.

Thank you! Gracias!