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March 25, 2014

Meet Our Counselors: Lauren

What is your most meaningful camp experience?
My most meaningful camp experience has definitely been going through the LIT and CIT programs and becoming a counselor.  Those programs taught me so much and truly have allowed me to excel outside of camp.   Most importantly, though, being a counselor allowed me to give back to camp in a way that so many counselors before did for me.  Having the privilege of providing campers a safe and fun camp experience, the same one that I was lucky enough to experience as a kid, has been incredibly meaningful to me.

What camp activity do you enjoy the most?
Gold Rush!  It's fun and different and the counselors and the kids all really enjoy it!

What is your favorite camp memory?
As a camper, my favorite memory was the trip to Richard Bong State park when I was a camper in our pioneer program.  We had a great hike where a couple counselors and campers talked about riddles the whole time.  And then we made homemade ice cream and relaxed outside. It was a great time and I made some of the best friends I still have to this day.

As a counselor, my favorite memory was definitely one day in Nature class when we found a baby bird and rescued it.  The mother came back and was able to reunite with her baby.   We were all so happy and excited!  One of our campers in the class said enthusiastically, "We made a difference to that one!" which was a reference to our starfish story that was told at opening campfire.

What camp meal is your favorite?
Grilled cheese and tomato soup... or Lasagna rolls.  It's all delicious, but these are the ones I looked forward to all year!

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