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March 25, 2014

Meet Our Counselors: James

How did you first become involved with Camp MacLean?
My first year at camp was when I was just 7 years old as a camper in the patriot unit.  I was pretty nervous, but my mom signed me up anyway!  I was nervous because I was going away from home for a whole week in another state away from my mom, but as soon as I got to camp all of my nervousness disappeared!  It was the best summer that I had ever had and now camp is my favorite place to be!


What is your most meaningful camp experience?
There are so many experiences to pick from!  I would have to say the most meaningful would be those first days of camp when campers get to know their cabin mates and start to build friendships that will last for the rest of their lives.  I have so many friends that I met at camp that I will be friends with forever.  No matter how often a camper returns to camp, he or she will always find a new friend here.  Spending time with the old camp buddies one sees every year and building friendships with new camp buddies all week long really makes the whole camp experience come together.

What camp meal is your favorite?
This question is probably the most difficult!  All of the food that is served at Camp MacLean is so good that narrowing it down to one meal is really hard!  If I had to pick only one, it would be lasagna roll-ups... they're delicious!  Some of my other favorites include: tacos, turkey dinner, baked chicken, and submarine sandwhiches!

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