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August 13, 2015

Meet Our Counselors: Chad

What camp meal is your favourite?

The Taco's served at camp are absolute game changers... Or perhaps the Parmesan chicken that was pretty legendary as well. All of the food served at camp was amazing if I'm being honest, and I looked forward to every single meal.

How Did you first become involved with Camp Maclean?

I first became involved with Camp Maclean through a work abroad programme in the United Kingdom called Camp Leaders. Camp Leaders were very thorough & professional with me throughout my application process and I finally got hired by an absolutely brilliant camp! So for any future UK counsellors reading this take note! This is a very special Camp you could have the privilege working for.

What camp activity did you enjoy the most?

My favourite camp activity to teach was definitely 'Soccer' as you guys call it. In the United Kingdom soccer has been a big part of my life ever since I can remember. I understand that Soccer isn't the most popular sport in the U.S, so having the opportunity to work at Camp Maclean and teach soccer to children was very special to me.

What was your favourite part of summer camp?

I don't know if this is me being biased due to my British heritage but my favourite part of summer camp was without a doubt Harry Potter week during 5th session. It was an  absolutely hilarious and fun week for both the kids and the counsellors whether we were dragon egg hunting or collecting the shattered remains of the sorcerers stone from around camp.

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