The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn about becoming active and developing healthy habits they will continue throughout their lives. In a Y sports program, your child will meet friends, learn new skills, improve his or her fitness and most importantly have fun! Whether it's gaining the confidence that comes with learning a new sport, building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, or refining and improving skills, participating in sports at the Y is a bout building the whole athlete, inside and out. You can find all class descriptions and other sports information below:

How to register

To register, select the appropriate class based on the descriptions and expectations for that class. Have questions? Contact Robert Longbottom at or 847.410.5116.

Session Dates
Winter (6 weeks) 1/7/19-2/17/19
Spring 1 (8 weeks) 2/18/19-4/14/19
Spring 2 (8 weeks) 4/15/19-6/9/19

Make-up classes are available for select classes. No refunds will be given when make-up classes are offered.

For Leagues the schedule is listed below:

Session Dates
Winter (10 weeks) 1/8/19-3/16/19
Spring  (10 weeks) 4/16/19-6/10/19
Fall (8 weeks) 9/24/19-11/9/19


Basketball Level 1
This class is designed to work on the basic fundamentals of basketball such as passing, dribbling and movement. These classes will focus on hand-eye coordination and introduce the ideas of sportsmanship and team play. Gym shoes and sports attire required, equipment provided. Click here to register

Preschool Soccer
A developmental program for all skill levels. Our trained and knowledgeable coaches will develop the physical skills and techniques your child needs to enjoy the game of soccer for life. All of our classes promote competing in a fun and friendly environment. We focus on the whole child. 


Youth Basketball Skills
We continue to be committed to teaching your child the fundamentals of basketball, while competing in a fun and friendly environment! The Y Youth Basketball League is the perfect fit for you and your family. Our leagues are focused on developing your child’s skills and overall enjoyment for the sport of basketball. Teams will have experienced and trained coaches for all age levels. All teams will have one practice a week and one game a week with a playoff tournament at the end of the year (8 games, plus playoffs). Grades 2 & 3 are coed, with Grades 4-12 having separate leagues for boys and girls. Click here to register


Youth Beginner Karate
This class builds a solid foundation of core karate techniques through which participants will improve kinesthetic awareness, fitness, mental focus and unity of the mind, body and spirit. Click here to register

Novice Karate
This class is for the continuing karate student with some experience under their belt. Students will further their mastery of Shotokan Karate kihon and katas. Click here to register


YMCA gymnastics classes are designed to give a full workout while improving flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. We also work on listening skills, following directions and social skills. Children use all of the gymnastics equipment at every level and receive exceptional instruction from well-trained instructors. Leaning Tower YMCA also trains a competitive gymnastics team. See team coaches for more information on the competitive gymnastics pre team and team.

Beginner Gymnastics (ages 3-10)
Little or no experience in gymnastics needed for this introductory girls class. Participants will learn body positions, handstands, cartwheels, forward and backwards rolls and other basics on the apparatuses. Click here to register

Intermediate/Advanced Gymnastics (ages 6-10)
Participants in this class should have had some instruction in gymnastics and be able to pass a Level 1 evaluation. Participants will start learning backbends, kickovers, pullovers on bars and beam skills. Click here to register

Youth Volleyball Skills
Participants will have the opportunity to explore interests through recreational and competitive play. All teams will have one set practice night per week and one game a week with a playoff tournament at the end of the year (8 games, plus playoffs). Practice schedules will be announced. All teams will be guaranteed one practice the week prior to the league start date. Youth and teens will concentrate on developing fundamentals and passion.


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