The Leaning Tower YMCA is proud to announce we now offer youth dance classes. These fun introductory classes are available for children ages 3-18 and are a healthy way to build confidence and encourage creativity!

Ballet/ Creative Movement

This is an introductory ballet class for the youngest movers ages 3-4! Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet with a focus on overall coordination, musicality, and dance class etiquette. The class will also include time for creative movement. Each session will culminate with an informal “performance” for friends and family.

Dance for Gymnasts

This is a class geared for gymnasts ages 6-18. The focus will be giving gymnasts a clear understanding of dance technique and helping them apply this knowledge to their gymnastic training. We will work on creating long lines, pointed toes, strong cores, confident performance skills, and improved leaps and turns.

Ballet/ Jazz Combo

This combination class will introduce students to the basics in both ballet and jazz techniques. Geared for ages 5-7 years old, students will start with ballet and can expect to learn exercises exercise involving the barre, steps done in center and combinations done traveling across the floor. The last portion of class will be spent on jazz; an up-beat, energetic dance style.