Financial Assistance


In 2010, more than $185,000 in scholarships was awarded to individuals and families for both programs and membership through our Strong Annual Support.   The Leaning Tower YMCA has been there to support families suddenly reduced to a single income, adults who have lost their homes to foreclosure and children so that they can benefit from the nurturing environment of our After School Program.  We are committed to making the YMCA experience available to everyone regardless of their social economic status.

Providing individuals with opportunities to grow and families with opportunities to grow closer is at the heart of the YMCA mission. Scholarships are available subject to demonstrated need without regard to race, color, nationality, religion, gender, age or disability.  We are committed to supporting our members, our family and our community and are happy to meet with you to discuss how scholarship opportunities at the Leaning Tower YMCA can benefit you or your family.  Please stop by the Member Service Desk or call 847.410.5109 for more information