October 25, 2017


Unicef Fund Raiser"

We all know that working out changes lives. But, on Saturday November 18, 2017, working out at Leaning Tower YMCA is going to change lives on a scale like never before.

Be part of the fitness world’s biggest one day event and help bring safe water to the most vulnerable children in East Africa.

The Leaning Tower YMCA Fitness Team is asking you to Move the World with us! For every Move the World workout we are asking you to raise USD $414 with us. This is the cost to build a water pump in East Africa. Just one of these pumps can bring clean, safe drinking water to an entire community.

To learn more about this UNICEF Partnership, click here.  We will have a special fitness class schedule on this day. This event is FREE and open to the public. We will have a computer accessible for all participants to make a donation.