MakerLab Mondays (all ages)

Maker Mondays are one way for participants to become users of the
lab. We encourage current users to attend and meet new users, share about their projects and learn about new opportunities the Lab has to offer.

Swaps (all ages)

From swapping ideas with other makers, to creating something, swaps come in all shapes and sizes. Maker swaps are a great way to connect with other makers and get fresh materials, plus they give you an excuse to make something new. See our MakerLab calendar for days and times

MakerLab Training Request (ages 12+)

We try our best to offer sessions that fit varied schedules. Be sure to check out our MakerLab calendar for times. If a training session doesn’t work, complete a form to request a training time. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Open MakerLab (all ages)

Enjoy our open MakerLab times to explore Legos, Robotics, Drones, programmed activities, Coding,
Lab Machines (3D Printers, Cricut), Analog Materials and More. Please note, that some MakerLab services are reserved to our Lattof YMCA Members and/or program participants. Purchase a MakerLab Pass at the front desk to have all access.

Workshops and Classes (ages 7-13)

In our workshops, our makers discover the different materials and tools, learn to manipulate them. They will establish a positive relationship with technology and analog items through programming and workshops. Everyone will delve deeper into the engineering world when they manipulate Legos or little bits machines. See our MakerLab calendar for days and times.

MakerLab Party (ages 6-13)

Have your next party in the MakerLab! Available select Saturday and Sundays. Contact Susie Wapniarski at

MakerLab Library (all ages)

Looking to take Y MakerLab movement home? Lattof YMCA Members and/ or program participants can check out Maker Lab projects to try.

Maker Events (all ages)

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and special activities held in our MakerLab.

Lil’ Makers (ages 4-6)

Our lil’ makers will engage in STEAM based programming. Click here to register.