Adventure Sports

Adventure Sports

Indoor Archery (ages 8+)

This program is designed for both beginners with little or no experience through intermediate archers. We will focus on safety, progressive skills development, and exciting archery challenges. Archers will have an opportunity to progress to different levels and shooting distances. All equipment is provided; however, you may bring your own equipment (personal equipment must be approved by the instructor.) Click here to register.

Junior Skywalkers (ages 8-10)

This intro to our high ropes course is designed for youth climbers ages 8-10 years. Under the direction of our adventure staff and our Awesome Youth Demo Team members, participants will be presented with challenges on the Earthquake Bridge, Floating Beam, Loop Bridge, Triangle Crossing and so much more.

Skywalkers High Ropes (ages 10-17)

This awesome expedition class takes place in our Indoor Adventure Center up on our high ropes course. Participants
will be presented with challenges on the Earthquake Bridge, Corporate Ladder, Floating Beam, Loop Bridge, Triangle Crossing and so much more. Step out of your comfort zone and join us for the excitement and challenge of this unique program.

Log Rolling (ages 8+)

Join us for the fascinating kill-oriented world championship sport of logrolling. Logrolling is an awesome sport that develops footwork, balance, agility, quick thinking and focus. Most of all, it’s lots of fun!




Little Climbers (ages 3-5)

Do you have a little one that climbs on everything? Let us introduce your child to the world of Adventure. We will play movement games, explore the wall and of course, get vertical. This class will encourage your child’s gross and fine motor skills while promoting decision making and having fun! Click here to register.

Ascenders (ages 6-12)

This exciting class is designed to challenge all participants to step out of their comfort zone under the guidance of our climbing staff. Participants will learn basic climbing techniques. We will focus on goal setting and striving to achieve individual and team goals. This class is progressively designed to challenge a variety of experience levels. Click here to register.

Belayers (ages 10-17)

This class is an introduction to basic climbing movement and belay techniques. This is a progressive class that takes participants from basic to intermediate skills of climbing. Participants will learn harness and belay set up, top rope belay techniques, knots, movement on the wall, bouldering, safety skills and goal setting. Upon completion of the belayer skills development program and belay test, climbers may progress to our Rock Solid class. Click here to register.

Rock Solid (ages 10-17)

This class is designed for those climbers who have successfully completed our belayer skills development program and belay test. Climbers will learn advanced foot placement, body movement, route climbing, as well as an intro to lead climbing, quickdraws, lead belaying and top rope management. Climbers in the program have an opportunity to participate in our Adventure Demo Team. Click here to register.

Adult (ages 18+)

This class provides an opportunity for adults to learn the fundamentals of climbing including: belaying, rope management, balance and form, hand and foot techniques, partner communication skills, environmental considerations and ethics. Participants will have the opportunity to take the Belay Skills Certification test. Once successfully completing the test, adults can attend the Lattof Y’s weekly adult open climb times.

Technique Tigers Climbing Team

Rock climbing is now an olympic sport! If you are passionate about climbing and would like to represent the Lattof YMCA climbing program in local climbing competitions, participate in school demos; then our competitive team is perfect for you. All team members must be currently registered in our climbing program and have at least one year of climbing experience. There will be option climbing sessions designed for participants with an interest in pursuing rock climbing at the next level.




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