Why Choose Indoor Soccer in Your Off-Season?

October 25, 2018


Join us Contenders League Starting November 4th"

The key to a successful off-season isn’t inactivity, but rather activity that differs from the sport-specific practice and play that athletes generate from competition. The off-season allows time to dedicate resources to learning to move properly, build muscle, and work on mobility and power training- all of which will help them become a better overall athlete. This is the ground-work for improving performance and excelling at a sport once competition season returns.

Nothing could be more true of indoor soccer, The modified game allows for some of the best technical and tactical training for any player during their off-season. The faster pace of the game ensures less stoppages of play, and more touches on the ball with constant action. In addition to increased fitness levels, indoor soccer will also help to develop short burst of speed with power, and endurance.

Indoor Soccer will also improve defending and attacking in small group settings. Transitioning becomes a essential tool for players due to the limited number of players on the field. Due to the focus on the individual, skills such as first touch, dribbling, passing, and controlling.

More Benefits:

Faster pace
More touches per player
Improved fitness levels
Develop small group attacking and defending
Improves individual skills
Faster transitions
More scoring opportunities

For more information about our Contenders League please contact Devon Jones . 

Co-Ed Youth 5-7 Years | 11-12:15PM | Sunday | $65/$75
Youth will be introduced the fundamentals of soccer. Skills practiced include: possession, finishing, passing, ball manipulation, defending, field awareness, friendships, sportsmanship and fun!

Girls & Boys 8-10 Years | Girls 12:30-1:30PM | Boys 1:30-2:30PM | Sunday | $65/$75
Youth participants will continue to strengthen and develop individual skills. Players will begin to focus on strategic play. This includes attacking & defending scenarios.

Girls & Boys 11-12 Years | 2:45-4PM | Sunday | $65/$75
Youth participants will begin focusing on tactical team play. Skills will be centered around advanced technique and combination play.   

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