How the Lattof YMCA transformed Kelsey’s life

June 02, 2016


A dedicated Lattof YMCA member reminisces on how the Y helped boost her confidence and choose her current career"

“I have been a part of Lattof YMCA for 75% of my life!” Kelsey Peterka says. To Kelsey, the Y is not only a place to run on the treadmill or learn how to swim. The Y is her second home. “I am so grateful for all the wonderful experiences, friendships and memories I have built and will continue to build at the Y.”

Even at an early age, the Y was beneficial for Kelsey’s self-esteem. “At age 7, the Lattof Day Camp was my first adventure where I met new friends, many of which I am still close with today,” she says. Not only did summer camp result in long-lasting friendships, but Kelsey also realized she wanted to pursue a career that would provide other children with the same experiences.

“I wanted to be an independent and confident leader,” Kelsey says. To achieve this goal, she went to college at Harper and Roosevelt to obtain a degree in early childhood education. “I am now a nanny in addition to an LL/TT teacher,” she says.

Join Kelsey and provide your child with the confidence to overcome barriers and develop character at the Lattof YMCA’s day camps this summer. For more information, stop by the Member Services Desk, call 847.296.3376 or click here.