Swim Lessons

We don’t just teach people how to swim. We teach children and adults how to stay safe in and around the water, whether you’re in the pool, by the lake or at the beach. And we’ve been doing it for 130 years.

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Swim Teams

For some athletes, swimming isn’t a hobby: it’s a sport. Want to challenge yourself to swim longer, faster and smoother? We’ve got a swim team for you. Want to make the next U.S. Olympic Team? We can help.

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Water Fitness

You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have in the pool. Whether you’re training for a run, recovering from an injury or prone to injuries, water fitness classes like Deep Water Cadence Running are an impact-free way to engage your entire body.

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Enroll in a YMCA Aquatics or Swim Lesson Today!

Whether you are looking to learn how to swim, improve your stroke, compete or get fit we have the class for you. Our structured classes are divided by age and skill level and taught by certified instructors who guide with praise and encouragement. 

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