Private Swim Lessons (Ages 3+)

Private lessons are the perfect answer for the participant who cannot make our scheduled group lessons or need that extra attention. The benefits of a private swim lesson are that they are scheduled for your convenience, and you can focus your lesson on what you want to learn: to dive, to swim, to complete a triathlon!

We offer multiple packages to fit your needs. If you have any additional questions, please call Tracy Gray, Aquatic Director at 630.420.6270 or


How do I arrange a private swim lesson?

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Kroehler Private Lessons - Winter/Spring session


Private Swim Lesson FAQs

During what times of the day can private lessons be scheduled?
Private lessons are scheduled for your convenience. We do not schedule private lessons during group swim lessons.

What is the difference between your packages?
Private lessons are 1 student to 1 instructor. Semi-Private lessons are 2 students to 1 instructor. For semi-private lessons, children need to be close in ability. We cannot have a 3 year old learning to swim with their 11 year old sibling who can swim laps. We also offer create your own group lessons. These lessons are a minimum of 3 participants.

What happens if I cannot make a scheduled lesson?
We have a 24 hour prior cancellation policy. If you do not cancel a lesson (with the instructor or Aquatic Director) at least 24 hours prior, then you will be charged one lesson. If you do cancel 24 hours prior, then the instructor will reschedule with you for that lesson.

When will a credit or refund be issued?
For private lessons, we will only issue credits or refunds if there is a medical reason that one can no longer continue. We need a doctor’s note stating such. If you want to try a different instructor than the one you have, let the Aquatics Director know and they will reschedule with you.

Do I need to wear a swim cap?
No, you do not. If you have hair long enough to put into a ponytail, then it must be up. We recommend hair that could fall into your eyes be held back during your lesson.

What is the pool temperature?
The water in the pool is kept at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Please keep in mind that several other factors other than the water temperature go into how the water feels, such as air temperature, relative humidity, and how active you are in the water.




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