Staff Spotlight

February 13, 2017


Meet Aaron Towler, our new Athletic Director for the Naperville YMCAs!"

Meet Aaron Towler, our new Athletic Director! Aaron has been involved with the YMCA since he was a little kid. He attended summer camp at the YMCA up until he was a teenager and was a camp counselor throughout college. Since he graduated, he has worked at many different YMCAs. Aaron’s decision to work at the Y was heavily influenced by Shannon Payton, who has been a youth development professional for over 20 years. He enjoys interacting with people on a daily basis and appreciates being able to impact the lives of the youth that attend the Y.

Aaron loves the friendly atmosphere of the Naperville YMCAs and the variety and quality of the programs that they offer. When he is not at the YMCA, Aaron likes to stay active, visit his family, read and go to the movies.

Make sure you say hi to Aaron the next time you see him!