My Y Story

December 05, 2013


In need of some motivation? Look no further!"

Every day we find renewed strength and determination in our members. Their stuggles and successes provide the motivation we need to continue reaching for the stars.  What’s your Y Story?


“I was asked what I had thought about my training over the past year at the Kroehler Y.  I had blindly set a basic goal for my bucket list…Complete a triathlon during my 50th year. I didn’t want to dread turning 50 I wanted to embrace it and go into my 50’s with a sense of well being.

The journey has been enlightening. I have a hectic lifestyle working full time, volunteering one day a week and being active in my Church. Also If I wanted to achieve this goal of participating in a Triathlon, I would need to learn how to swim, and make positive changes in my eating. I would have to commit to working out with not only the trainer but at home on my own. With all those small changes I made along the way have turned into new positive life style.

The community of folks at the Kroehler Y, like Kara Mason my trainer, gives me nonstop encouragement and total support. Kara has taken the time to work with me in all three of my events. Including teaching me how to swim! She is informative, kind and kicks me into high gear when needed. I always leave my sessions with a high sense of satisfaction! The front desk staff knows me by name and always welcomes me personally. It is a community of positive change and comforting support and that to me is priceless. But the best part of this year long experience is that I met my goal and completed the triathlon and
my energy and enthusiasm are at an all time high. This is why I choose to stay at the Kroehler Y!”

C. Missy Duffy-Lehrer