Member Spotlight

May 15, 2016


Find out how personal training has positively impacted one of our members, Cathy!"

Learn about Cathy’s journey towards health with personal trainer, Brad:

“About one year ago, Cathy started training with me. During exercises, she would often get knee pain with any bending of the knee lowering down more than about 30-45 degrees, experience low back pain after just a few reps or a short duration on any core exercises, and would often get pain in the back of the neck during upper body exercises. Through a slow progression of exercises and persistent efforts, a year later her core has gotten much stronger and she is able to perform many different core exercises without back pain and for longer and longer periods of time. Her range of motion with squats and all lower extremity exercises is much greater and she seldom has knee pain that restricts us from performing a certain exercise. She recently mentioned that she now has the ability to put on pants from a standing position instead of having to be in a seated position due to better strength and balance. Additionallyl, on her last doctor visit the doctor actually reported her to be taller, which occurred due to our work on keeping good control and working on posture during all activities.” - Brad S.

Way to go Cathy on your work towards a healthier you! We are so glad you are working with Brad on your journey.