Member Spotlight

March 15, 2016


Find out how the Y has helped Lester lose 100 pounds per doctors orders and keep it off!"

Lester Y.‘s Y Story:
I joined the YMCA on February 27, 2015. This was the same time I joined Weight Watchers after my Cardiologist told me I needed to lose weight. Using the Y primarily to swim four to five times a week, I lost 100 pounds. I reached that goal in the middle of Septmeber 2015. I did not try to lose the weight in a specific amount of time, it just came off.

The Kroehler Y has a very supportive and caring staff. The front desk staff are always willing to answer my questions, give me an encouraging word, or just make me feel better. The personal trainers are always willing to answer my questions and motivate me to keep going.

The people at the YMCA are a big reason why I have been able to continue swimming and keep the weight off. They have helped me maintain my routine and know when I need a “pick me up.” Thank you Kroehler staff!