Member Spotlight

January 17, 2016


Learn how the Y has positively impacted one of our families on its road to recovery from cancer. "

Learn how the Kroehler Y community is impacting one of our families on the road to recovery from cancer. The following member has asked to remain anonymous.

Why did we choose the YMCA?
Simple, for the community. The YMCA is a place where the commitment to community is seen in the dedicated staff and broad range of programs for people of all ages. Yes, the staff is talented because the YMCA attracts highly trained people who believe in a caring community, and want to be a part of helping others reach their health goals.

How has the YMCA helped our family?
People are happy when they feel good physically. From family swim on Sunday, to my husband’s exercise class in the evening and evening lap swims to my yoga class in the mornings are ways the YMCA has fostered our physical health. We feel so fortunate to have a place to help us maintain and regain our health. I cannot think of a more caring community to help me regain my physical strength after a long recovery from cancer. I feel incredibly grateful for the knowledge of the yoga instructors who continue to offer suggestions and ways to adapt to the poses and gradually increase my strength and physical health.

We choose the YMCA for the community, because in the community, there is dedication, commitment and care.

We feel very grateful for the care, service and community that we experience. Thank You!