Member Spotlight

December 23, 2015


Meet Dianne and find out how the Kroehler YMCA and staff have positively impacted her life! "

For me, The Kroehler YMCA combines everything I need and enjoy in one place.  I have tried a multitude of other studios and health clubs in the area.  Some offer only one kind of yoga or a specific type of dance.  Others don’t have locker room facilities or a social area. Many do not have individual workout equipment or weights.  Classes are spaced far apart, and teachers are constantly changing.  The result – after a few months, I lose interest.


At the Y, none of these problems exist!! The variety of classes together with the expansive layout of individual machines and weights allows me to vary my workout, take two classes in a row if I want, or simply tune out to my favorite music on the treadmill.  After working out, the coffee area has become a favorite hangout where I have made good friends that share my personal commitment to wellness and good health.  Teachers are dedicated and long-term, always staying after class to answer questions and provide individual help.


I started attending the Y just a year ago, with my only goal being to find a yoga program that kept my attention and allowed me to expand my practice.  In the past, the studios I frequented offered only one type of yoga (be it Bikram, Power Core, Forrest) and the repetition soon became boring. Combining Kim’s ever-changing vinyasas with Anu’s more traditional style of long-held standing poses has provided me with the challenge I was seeking.  I am more flexible, more relaxed, have tried and mastered many new poses, and look forward to my time in the studio.


Gina’s dance classes and Alisha’s Zumba classes are a bonus I never expected to find.  Both were a completely new experience for me.  I love the comradery of these classes – how we help each other with new sequences, and laugh out loud as we stumble through salsa steps, too many arm rotations with weights, and chair aerobics. Sometimes I would feel that the yoga was not quite enough, but pairing it back-to-back it with these high-energy classes makes for a perfect workout that has me dancing through the rest of the day.


Previously, working out two days a week was my goal, and always seemed like enough, but soon I found myself at the Y much more often. I realized that I was actually looking forward to the dancing, the stretching, the running and the after-exercise-reward of the coffee station!  I realized it was a long time since I wanted to work out as opposed to making myself work out.


Having spent the last year, now up to five days a week, at the Kroehler Y,  I can honestly say this is a  place where I can take care of my body, my mind and my spirit. I thank the dedicated staff and look forward to someday taking Silver Sneaker classes!!

- Dianne T.