SHARE THE LOVE: Membership Referral Challenge

February 01, 2019


Share the Y with a friend and you'll BOTH receive 20% off your membership! Plus, check out the cool swag you'll get when you refer someone."

When a Y member refers a friend, and that friend joins online using a special referral code, the Y cause grows and both members share a 20% reduction in their monthly membership rate. Members continue to save every month as long as they have at least one referred friend connected to their account. Members can share the savings with up to 10 referred friends, which locks in your monthly savings continue even if one friend decides to leave the Y.

Member referral challenge is February 1 – 28

Bring the name of your referral to the front desk to receive your prize!                                                                                     

For any questions please feel free to contact our Membership Director Paulina Ruiz at or 773-326-2602.