Pre-Ballet Creative Movement

December 01, 2018


Our pre-ballet class combines the fundamentals of ballet and creative movement. Our instructors keep the dancers focused while having fun. We make sure that their creativity and interaction are nurtured in our movement sessions"


Pre-Ballet Creative Movement is designed for young dancers looking to build a strong foundation of strength, technique, and flexibility to prepare for Ballet class. 

Dancers learn proper Ballet technique and skills such as turn-out, chaines and chasse. The class melds age-appropriate imaginative games and fun with ballet. 

Ages: 3-5

Time: 4:45 – 5:25 p.m.

Fee:  $150 members/ $300 potential members

Day:  Thursday January 17 – April 4

(12 weeks with spring performance on the last class date April 4) 

Attire:  Form-fitting athletic clothes and ballet shoes required. (Leotards and tights allowed in place of athletic clothes.)

For more information, contact Ron Anderson or 773-326-2624