Classes are designed to give a full work out while improving Buehler YMCA Gymnastics Balance Beam flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. We also work on listening skills, following directions and social skills. Children use all of the gymnastics equipment at every level and classes are small so children receive exceptional instruction from well trained instructors.

Sample class of our Gymnastics Program:

Preschool (Ages 1-6)

Kinder Gym and Swim

This class combines fun in the pool and the gym! We provide experiences which help your child develop physical and social skills. In the pool, your child will participate in our group swim lessons where children are grouped according to ability level. They will work on water adjustment, the use of flotation devices, water safety and having fun! We will escort your child from the gym to the pool. Please have your child wear their swimsuit under their gym cloths.

Kinder Gym Play

Come play games, listen to music and develop physical and social skills at the same time. We will focus on balance, coordination and social skills. After Kinder Gym and Play, roll right into our lunchbox kids program!

Gym, Swim and Crafts

Check in at the pool from 10:30-11am. Following join us in playing games and doing crafts from 11am-12pm.
Little Tumblers This class is an introduction to gymnastics. Children will build tumbling skills and learn basic moves on the balance beam and bars. A fun Way for children to exercise and learn!

Wee Folks

A morning class for children looking to do something with all their energy. This class will start with an art activity, go on to the preschool gym and then finish out the day with a swim lesson. Bring your child to class in a swimsuit. Make sure clothing and bags are well marked. Please pick up your child from the pool deck. After this class, your child is sure to have a good night’s sleep.


Youth (Ages 6-12)

Gym And Climb

This IBY classic is here to stay. One have of the class is spent increasing your heart rate playing a gym game, the other half testing your moxie on our 23 foot wall. This class simply gets better every time.


New to IBY program offerings this year is our Gymnastics curriculum. Participants will be grouped by skill level by qualified gymnastics instructors. Instructors and participants will strive for excellence in their levels and work together for positive results you can see.




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