Fitness Classes

The YMCA offers a wide variety of fee based and free fitness classes for members. We also allow non-members to register for many of these classes (some require registration and fees for non-members). You can find all class descriptions and information below:


Athletic Performance Training

A must for any athlete! Be faster, stronger, and more focused. Build self-confidence, speed, coordination and agility to help improve your game. Classes will use a combination of Fitness Center equipment and gymnasium.

Fit Dance

Our aim is to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere, nurturing each child’s individuality to build their confidence and express their inner dancer through infusion of fitness and dance.


Is your teen looking to transition from physical education class to the weight room? Instructed by one of our certified personal trainers, this class will educate your child how to properly utilize our Fitness Center equipment, design exercise programs, and exercise with proper form in a safe environment.


Barre Burn

Based on a fusion of Pilates and classic barre techniques, this results driven class incorporates the perfect blend of deep muscle toning with resistance, the grace of ballet, the flexibility of yoga, and the core strengthening of Pilates. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and no experience is necessary. Click here to register

Extreme Strength

Ready to master the next level in strength training? Utilizing muscle confusion principles, classes advance and challenge you to ensure your muscles never adapt, and you continue to make strides in strength. This class is for the intermediate to advanced participant. Click here to register

Pure Cardio

Improve your cardiovascular health, join us for a high energy, calorie burning, cardio party. Your Personal Trainer will push your cardio with this high intensity class.


A suspension training system that harnesses your own body weight to deliver a total-body workout. Take your performance to the next level by developing your strength utilizing functional movements and dynamic positions that challenge your back, shoulders, chest, hips and legs. This class is suitable for all fitness levels and no experience is necessary. Click here to register 

Heavy Rope & Kettlebell Bootcamp

Carve out a toned body, build your cardiovascular capacity and build lean muscles with High Intensity Interval Training. Intensity is key in this high energy, fun workout! We will incorporate heavy ropes, kettlebells, body weight and cardio training to make you stronger and faster. This class may be held outdoors in the summer, weather permitting.


Arthritis Aquatics (ages 25+)

This is a recreational exercise program with a wellness concept for people with arthritis to manage symptoms, maintain independence and enjoy life. This program is taught in a group setting with activities and exercises to encourage self-care, provide social interaction, improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Click here to register

Aquacise (ages 14+)

This class encourages individuals of all ages to utilize the buoyant qualities of the water to enhance their physical fitness through exercises. Exercise at your own level of skill, resistance and comfort.

Deep Water High-Intensity (ages 15+)

This class in the deep end of the pool using float belts and other resistance equipment. Great for cross-training! Exercise at your own level of skill, resistance and comfort. 

Aquablast (ages 14+)

Come and enjoy the fun in the water which includes stretching, high intensity and great water aerobic activity.

Deep Water Cadence Running (ages 15+)

This is a deep-water running class that uses evidence-based, cadencespecific workouts to achieve peak athletic performance. Whether you’re training for a run, recovering from an injury or prone to injuries, deep water running is an impact-free way to engage your entire body while building up your endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. Click here to register




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