Membership Policies & Procedures


Please contact your center for center specific policies & procedures.

Customer Service Guarantee

The YMCA of Metro Chicago is committed to providing our members and guests with quality services and activities. Service to you is our highest priority, and our goal is to ensure that your YMCA experience is positive and transformative. We promise to address any issues with responsive solutions, and always aim to exceed your expectations. Please feel free to fill out a comment form at your Member Services Desk and share your feedback with us!

About Your Membership

Membership Categories
The YMCA of Metro Chicago offers several membership categories to meet the needs of the communities we serve:

Membership Dues
Membership dues can be paid in one of two ways:

Membership Card
Your YMCA membership card is a passport, and verifies your agreement to receive the benefits of membership and to abide by the rules and policies of the YMCA of Metro Chicago. Please present your membership card each time you enter the facility, and when registering for programs in order to avoid delays. Lost cards may be replaced at your Center for a nominal fee.

Membership Holds
Members in good standing with the YMCA of Metro Chicago can place their membership on hold for up to three (3) continuous months, once in a twelve (12) month period. The member must come into the Center five (5) business days prior to the requested hold-date. Stop by the membership desk at your center for details.

When transferring an annual membership from another YMCA, we will contact your previous YMCA for a prorated balance of your membership. Our membership department will gladly honor your credit and apply this amount to your first year’s dues, subject to the policies of your previous YMCA. You will not be responsible for the joiner’s fee if your transfer occurs within 30 days of membership expiration.

Membership Cancellation
As a member of the YMCA of Metro Chicago, you can cancel your membership at any time by giving the YMCA a minimum of five (5) business-days notice. The cancellation may be made in person, by fax, postal mail, or email with receipt of confirmation. If you participate in a membership draft payment plan, the YMCA will continue to draft until you cancel the membership as provided above. Your membership cancellation will be effective as of your next billing cycle. We cannot refund the prepaid portion of your membership. Cancellation of membership is not necessarily cancellation of Annual Fund deductions and vice versa.

The YMCA of Metro Chicago allows its members to use other YMCAs within the Association at no additional charge. Members are encouraged to join the YMCA that they most often use.

Age Guidelines
Youth age seven (7) and under must be directly supervised by a parent/guardian whenever they are in a YMCA facility (except when participating in a structured program/activity with Y staff).

Youth ages 8-10 may be unaccompanied by parent/guardian in specifically designated areas of the facility that are monitored by Y staff . However, the parent/guardian must be physically present somewhere in the facility. Call or stop by your center's member services desk for a list of designated areas. Alternatively, parents/guardians may designate an individual caregiver (in writing) aged 11 or older to be physically present in the facility in place of the parents/guardians. The designated caregiver must have a valid membership. However, youth ages 8-10 don't need a parent/guardian or designated caregiver to be physically present in the facility if they're involved in a structured activity that is supervised by Y staff. To be in one of our pools, youth must pass a deep water swim test.

Youth ages 11-17 may be in the facility without a parent/guardian. Parents/guardians do not have to be physically present elsewhere in the facility.

Youth age 12 and under may only use fitness center and equipment when engaged in a YMCA program. Youth 8-12 years old may attend select group fitness classes with a parent or guardian actively supervising.

Youth 13-15 years old may use the facility on their own after completing a Fitness Orientation. Certain equipment may be excluded. Youth 13-15 years old may attend group fitness classes, unless the class is specifically noted for 16+ years of age.

Youth 16+ may use the fitness center, equipment and participate in group exercise classes.

Guest Passes

The YMCA of Metro Chicago provides guests the opportunity to try the Y! Guests may visit your center's website for branch-specific guest policies. Each guest is limited to three (3) visits per calendar year. Guests must be 11+ years old to be or bring a guest. All guests must present a valid ID and sign a facility waiver. Facility waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian for ages 18 and under.

Closures and Cancellations in Inclement Weather
While the Y will make every attempt to open or remain open in inclement weather, it reserves the right to delay opening, close early, or remain closed if the weather is serious enough to put our staff and members at risk. Further, if a paid program is canceled because of a closure, the class will typically be offered at a make-up day and time. If circumstances prohibit a make-up class from being held, the Y may prorate a program registrant's class rate to reflect the actual classes offered for that session, if requested.


Code of Conduct
As YMCA members, it is important to remember that we share our facilities with young children, teens and people of all backgrounds. We can make the YMCA a positive place for all by demonstrating the YMCA core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Members are expected to exhibit appropriate behaviors at all times:

The YMCA of Metro Chicago reserves the right to suspend or cancel a membership if a member’s behavior or language is judged to be in conflict with the welfare of other members or staff, or in conflict with the YMCA’s mission.

Cell Phone Policy
Due to the advances in cell phone and video/picture technology, and for the privacy of our members and guests: cell phones may not be used in locker rooms, bathrooms, or childcare rooms. Use of cameras and other video/picture capturing devices is also restricted. Posting of images taken at the YMCA is prohibited without permission of the Executive Director.

If you must utilize a cell phone, please be courteous and keep your phone on vibrate or silent. If a call must be answered, please do so discreetly and move to a designated area to complete the call. Please keep your conversations as short and quiet as possible. If family or friends need to contact you due to an emergency, they may call the your YMCA center, and a representative will page you or make every effort to locate you immediately.

Again, in an effort to protect the privacy of our members and guests, anyone who violates this policy will be asked to move to the lobby or designated area. If a member or guest continues to violate this policy or posts images, their privileges and/or membership may be revoked.

Criminal Behavior Policy
The YMCA reserves the right to deny access or membership to any person who has been convicted of any crime involving sexual abuse, is or has been a registered sex offender, has ever been convicted of any offense relating to the use, sale, possession, or transportation of narcotics or habit forming and/or dangerous drugs, chemicals, narcotics, or intoxicating beverages. The YMCA also reserves the right to suspend access or membership to any person accused of the items listed above pending the outcome of any charges or court proceedings.

Program Fees & Policies

Program Fees
Some of our programs are fee-based, which represents the cost of providing program activities or services not included in your membership dues. Specific fee information is available at your YMCA or at

Financial Assistance Program
We award over 3 million dollars in membership scholarships annually to support our goal of making the Y accessible to all. These funds are raised through the Y's "So Much More" campaign. If you would like to donate to help families in need, or if you would like to apply for assistance, please see your YMCA’s membership desk for details.

Class Cancellations
We will cancel a class if it does not reach its minimum required enrollment. The YMCA staff will make every effort to promote and implement all classes offered. If the minimum enrollment is not met, you will be given at least 24 hours notice that your class is cancelled, and given the option of joining another class or receiving an account credit which can be used to register for another class.

In the event you need to cancel your enrollment in a paid class, please contact the membership desk to request a credit on your account for the unused portion, less any non-refundable deposit. All credit requests must be made prior to the end of the program along with a completed credit request form. Missed classes cannot be made up and credit requests must be made prior to the end of the program.

Facility Policies

Fitness Center Policies
The YMCA of Metro Chicago is committed to providing a clean, safe and healthy experience for all its members and guests. Please help us maintain a healthy environment by following these guidelines:

Lockers are available for daily use. The YMCA is not liable for articles damaged, lost or stolen. Please use a lock to secure your clothes in our “day use” lockers while you are working out. Never leave valuables inside your locker. Most centers have special wallet-kit lockers for members’ valuables. Locks left on overnight may be removed in order for other members to use the lockers. Some centers rent a limited amount of lockers for overnight storage at an additional fee.

Rental Space
You may reserve space at YMCA Centers for special occasions such as birthday parties, receptions, corporate team building, banquets, meetings, etc. Many Centers have birthday party packages that include cake, games, t-shirts, etc. Visit your YMCA’s membership desk regarding offerings, rates, availability and reservations.