Volunteer Profile: Jay Turner

August 28, 2018


For National Volunteer Week, we caught up with one of our longest-serving volunteers, Jay Turner."

Jay Turner is a realtor who's been volunteering at the Indian Boundary YMCA for more than 10 years. For National Volunteer Week, we caught up with him to talk about how and why he gives back to the community.

What first attracted you to volunteer with the Y?
I attended a Y while growing up so when I was asked to become an IBY board member, it just seemed to fit.

How do you volunteer?
As a board member, a downtown Downers Grove Market committee member, and an IBY Golf Outing committee member.

Why do you volunteer?
The Y and the community needs the help, and I’m blessed to be in the position to help.

What is your favorite thing about the Y? What makes the IBY special?
The people, both members and staff. The IBY provides financial assistance to those in need and a safe place for people of all ages to go to exercise or simply socialize with people in person and not in front of a computer screen.

Favorite pizza topping?
Fresh basil.

Building and repairing computers, taking my dog for walks, and travel.

What motto do you live by?
I’ve been blessed in life and it’s time to spread it around (pay it forward).

Who is your biggest role model and why?
My grandfather on my mother's side. He didn’t have the opportunity get an education beyond the 6th grade, but he was the smartest, wisest, no-nonsense person I’ve known.