New Age/Facility Use Policy

September 13, 2016


A new value to your family membership!"


New Age Policy

We have heard your feedback and listened because we want to be a facility that meets all of your family needs. As such, have reassessed our facility use guidelines. Now children who are too old for our free, onsite babysitting have new options! Please see below for specifics and call or come in with questions:

Age 7 and below:

• May use our facility under direct supervisor of parent/guardian/Y staff in programming or take advance of our free Kids Zone!

Age 8-10

• As a member are permitted in specific areas:

1) Basketball courts 2) Mochel Room. 3) Lobby

• Must have a parent/guardian/designated caregiver physically present in the building

• Designated caregiver must be 11+ with a valid membership and caregiver form on file at front desk

Age 11-17

• Youth age 12 and under may only use fitness center and equipment when engaged in a YMCA program.

• Youth 8-12 years old may attend select group fitness classes with a parent or guardian actively supervising. (Family Friendly classes will be defined on group fitness schedule by center.)

• Youth 13-15 years old may use the facility on their own after completing a Fitness Orientation.  Certain equipment may be excluded at the Fitness Director’s discretion.

• Youth 13-15 years old may attend group fitness classes, unless the class is specifically noted for 16+ years of age.

• Youth 16-18 may use the fitness center, equipment and group exercise classes.

 Please see our pool schedule for pool guidelines.