Member Spotlight - Meet Meg Soline

May 17, 2014

Member Spotlight - Meet Meg Soline"


Member Spotlight

Meg Soline completed 6 months of Max Training with Personal Trainer Kathy Ross.  After 6 months of hard work and dedication Meg lost 11 pounds, her blood pressure went down 22 points, body fat went down 1.8% and BMI went down 1.5 points.  Meg has very noticeable improvements in strength, balance, cardiovascular stamina and great strength in her core.  Meg’s Doctor was happy to advise her that she no longer needed blood pressure or cholesterol medication. Meg tells us that she has reached her goals medically and also learned the importance of cross training and performing a variety of exercises.  TRX has helped her with her arthritis and encourages others to try this great format that is good for all levels.  Meg has been a member with the Indian Boundary YMCA for over 30 years.  Her husband gave her a membership as a gift after their first child was born.  Meg has been coming here ever since then and her family has followed.  Her husband coached soccer and t ball for almost 15 years.  All of her children participated in Y Sports and activities and even held jobs here through high school.  Even her neice and nephew worked here at one time, which meant there were 6 of them working and participating here at one time.  We congratulate Meg on her success and we always look forward to seeing her here at Indian Boundary YMCA each day