Member Spotlight - Meet Ami Trosley

December 21, 2015


?I love Y MaxTraining ? because it is a road map for success and your Y Max trainer is your navigator. I think a lot of people who need to lose weight know what they NEED to do, but it's hard to be both navigator and driver on a long trip!?"

I joined the Lake View Y in 2014. I’d been asked to be in a friend’s wedding, and her instructions in picking a dress were that I should choose something that made me feel beautiful. The thought of another wedding in a bridesmaid dress I felt awful in motivated me to join the Y. I had a fitness consultation with Yvonne and we talked about Y MaxTraining®. I started that March, and it was the beginning of an amazing journey!

Keeping on Track with my Goals
We initially set a long-term goal of losing 50 pounds, but before getting there we talked about working toward non-weight loss goals, like running a 5k (I ran two that November) and a stair climb, because I had been a chronic elevator taker for years. I have completed two climbs and am training for a third. I’ve lost around 125 pounds and 85 total inches and have gone down eight pants sizes.  

No Longer Living My Life in the Sidelines
I used to be afraid of everything! I was terrified that people would make fun of me, so I lived my life in the sidelines. It was hard for me to be happy for other people or feel positive about anything because I always expected to be disappointed. When I got invested in my training and saw how different my life could be, everything changed. I look forward to every single day and feel confident that I can handle whatever comes my way. I feel comfortable being myself all the time for the first time in my life.

Feeling Stronger Everyday
I’m typically at the Y four or five days a week and I love strength training more than anything else. I used to struggle physically to get out of bed and bend over to tie my shoes, so feeling strong makes me very happy. I’m competitive, so group fitness classes are great because they motivate me to push myself. My favorite class is Yvonne’s Friday morning Full Body Conditioning.

Supportive and Inspirational Community
The Y has been transformative for me because I have been blessed with a gym family that lifts me up every day. At no other point in my life have I been so consistently encouraged and praised. To be told what a great job you’re doing and how proud someone is of you nearly every day is a rare gift in adulthood. I’ve been lucky to surround myself with supportive and inspiring people.

A Road Map to Success
I love Y Max because it’s a road map for success and your Y Max trainer is your navigator. Y Max has helped me exceed my own expectations and my Y experience has impacted every part of my life. I’m a better leader, a better mentor, a better daughter, a better auntie, a better sister, a better friend.  

The number one reason I would recommend Y Max? We all deserve to be our very best selves!

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