Meet Staff Member Bill Baumann

March 15, 2017


Bill Baumann and his family make the "Hustle up the Hancock" a family affair. "


Bill has worked in the Fitness Center for over 15 years.  Bill is currently is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Floor attendant.  This has always been a second home for Bill as he explains and a job that he just couldn’t give up because of his passion for fitness and the Indian Boundary YMCA.

On February 26, Bill completed the “Hustle up the Hancock” climb of 94 flights (1,632 stairs).  Bill, along with his daughter-in-law, Emily, granddaughter Allison and nearly 3,000 others completed the full climb and raised over $1 million to help fight lung disease.  “We have climbed the Hancock for several years and in other years Bill’s two sons, David and Daniel, have also completed the climb.  After the Hustle, dinner at one of the restaurants in Chicago area makes the event a family affair” says Bill.