Meet Raghunathan Sadagopan - a special member

January 05, 2016


Recently Tonya Sadgopan came to visit me at the YMCA. "

She came to tell me of the sad news that her father in law Raghunathan Sadagopan passed away on December 24.  It was difficult for her to come and let us know, but she told me a very special story about her father in law and the time that he spent here at Indian Boundary YMCA.  The story sends a special message of community, engagment, diversity, health and well being.  

Raghunathan joined the Indian Boundary YMCA 1 year ago.  He joined because his sons family had been members here off and on, raising their kids with swim lessons and more.  The Indian Boundary YMCA granted Raghunathan a scholarship.  Raghunathan was very open minded and tried many programs, Tonya the daughter in law tells me that at our recommendation her Father in law participated in our Active Older Adult Class 3 days per week, the Yoga stretch class and some of the Silversneakers class.  When participating in our classes Raghunathan met other members that were from India they shared many common interests.  In Tanya’s words the YMCA opened up an entire community of connection for her father in law, it improved his quality of life dramatically because of his connections from the YMCA.  He formed relationships here that continued outside of the YMCA.  

Sridhar Chari became good friends with Raghunathan and upon meeting here they formed a good friendship.  Sridhar picked up Raghunathan weekly to bring him to the YMCA they had a schedule that they followed each week.  They had a very nice friendship and workshipped at the same temple and were in prayer groups together.  

This story shows the caring that Tonya and her family had for her Father in law, to give him guidance for a good life.  It also demonstrates the will and open mindedness that Raghunathan had to pursue a good and healthy life, one filled with activity, friendships, family, worship and more.