Meet Member Yogi Desai

August 11, 2016


Yogi first came to the Indian Boundary YMCA as a guest in 2015. Here's more about Yogi's experience."

Meet Indian Boundary YMCA member Yogi Desai.  Yogi first came to the Y as a guest of his friend in July of 2015 and by September he had become a member.  He tried other facilities but was not having success reaching his goal of losing weight.  He met with personal trainer Gina Belmont and things started taking off.  He is currently working with personal trainer, Shailesh Mishra and has gone from 252 pounds to 196 pounds in less than one year.  He attributes his success to Shailesh’s great motivation, as well as, the help and support he has gotten from Marty Lewis and the rest of the YMCA staff.  Yogi says that the staff keeps him on his toes and ensures that he does not give up, and they do it in a friendly and professional way.  Coming to the Y has become a habit for Yogi and he misses it when he can’t make it in.  His original goal was to lose 40 pounds and to date he has lost 55 pounds, but that is not the main reason he continues to come.  Yogi believes that the YMCA is a community based organization that fosters healthy living along with a good dose of fun!  He has increased his strength, resistance and endurance while maintaining stability.  The Y even inspired him to go out and purchase equipment that he now uses at home.  Yogi believes that the best thing about the YMCA is definitely the people.  The staff evaluated his goals, defined his needs, set limitations and supported him throughout his journey and he loves seeing the smiling faces of staff like, Joellen, Marty, Gina and Sharon.  Joining the Indian Boundary YMCA has given him the enthusiasm he never had to reach his goal.  Yogi says, he cannot thank the Indian Boundary YMCA, and their staff for helping him to achieve all he has been able to do.