Meet Member Vicki

January 11, 2017


Vicki has been a member at Indian Boundary YMCA since 2000. She has a family membership here with her husband Paul."



Vicki is a regular user of our fitness center; she uses the bikes, treadmills and the weight machines.

Recently Vicki was on a trip in Australia, was the victim of an accident while walking and suffered a broken hip and shattered wrist.  She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and had to remain in Australia.  But tells us the day after surgery was up and walking around and contributes this to her exercise regime.

While in Australia and many travels that Vicki and her husband have done she has found that she is able to climb stairs, go to the top of towers, hiked 10 miles of an Appalachian Trail.  “These are thing that you can do, you can take wonderful hikes when you work out and take care of your health” Vicki tells us.

Vicki’s accident was in March of 2016 and again contributes her recovery to the fact that there was never a gap in her training, once she got back to the Y she started with her walking around the track, just 3 times at first and slowly returned to the weight machines.  Vicki is now walking and using the equipment freely.

Vicki also added, there is great staff at the Indian Boundary YMCA and loves Sandy and Louise.