Meet Member Helena Gangi!

December 07, 2016


Helena (Holly) Gangi dances to her own beat. "

Helena (Holly) Gangi dances to her own beat. Holly has been a member at Indian Boundary YMCA for a year and half and is already an institution. That’s because when you see Holly working out at the Indian Boundary YMCA, you will find her dancing her way around the indoor track!

Holly tells us that she wakes up in the morning with a song in her head, loves music and loves to dance. Because of this, she looks forward to coming to the Y. She says she feels comfortable and happy here and looks forward to saying hi to Cynthia at the front desk because she is always smiling. Holly greets Cynthia and Amy back and heads down stairs with her playlist ready. She begins her dance her way around the track-somehow managing to stay neatly in her lane! You know she’s dancing because she moves, she turns, she changes directions and other staff and members always comment on how much fun she looks like she is having.

The best part about this story is that when Holly first started she could only dance 2-3 laps around the track. Today Holly completes 20 times around- which is almost 2 miles of energetic dancing! Holly was very proud to share her age with us, as she is 68 years old and says that she feels better now than she did at age 45.

Holly is an example of how fitness can be fun. Dancing elevates heart rate, builds bone density, and burns calories. Supplement it with some weight training in the Wellness Center like Holly and you’ll see some definite improvement in overall health.