Meet Member Aasim Merchant

March 08, 2016


Great story about hard work and personal training at the Indian Boundary YMCA."

Meet Indian Boundary YMCA member, Aasim Merchant.  Aasim is a manager of exchange traded funds at Invesco Power Shares.  He has lived in Downers Grove for the past five years, is married to Kashefa and has two children, Farhan and Aalia.  Aasim has been a YMCA member since April 2015.  Aasim joined the YMCA to increase his strength, feel good and stay healthy for his kids.  At the time he joined he also signed up for the YMAX program with personal trainer, Shailesh Mishra.  Since then he has lost 37 pounds, going from 207lbs to 170lbs in just 11 months. He credits his successful weight loss to working with Mishra, whom he says really goes the extra mile, is very responsive and is always available.  Aasim says the best things about the YMCA are the diversity of staff, the ease of being able to use the equipment and the classes, in particular the Grit class taught by fitness instructor, Donna Barnett.  He says that the best part of joining the YMCA has been being able to stay in shape and staying healthy.  Since doing the YMAX program, he feels that he now has more energy to do the day to day things he needs to do and that the quality of his life has greatly improved.  His ultimate goal is to get to 160lbs and with the help of Mishra and the rest of the YMCA staff he feels that it a goal that is well within reach.