Meet Jasmine Baggett - Membership Experience Supervisor

February 24, 2017


Read about Jasmine Baggett our newest addition to our Membership Experience Supervisor. "

How long have you been with the Y?

I’ve been working at the Y a little over 5 months now.

What is your favorite holiday? 

My favorite holiday would be Christmas. Christmas is usually the only holiday the I get to see my extended family.


What is your Y story?


I actually grew up in the Y, but not how one would think. My aunt was a fitness instructor for the Y. My sister, my cousins and I would sit on the side of the studio and watch her teach. I don’t think I ever took any classes or swim lessons because I didn’t live with her but I admired the relationship that she had with all the members. I couldn’t believe just how many personal relationships she had with everyone. All the members were nice and friendly! I enjoyed watching how much everyone else enjoyed the Y. When I was thinking of leaving my other job I knew that I wanted to get involved with a company that was dedicated to making a change and I came across a job position at the Y and did a little more research. I was so impressed with how much the Y does and how involved they are in the community. Their core values hit home with my own and they won me over. I actually didn’t get the first position I applied for but I applied for another and shortly after got an offer. I have never felt so fulfilled in a job before. I actually don’t think of the Y as a job because I don’t feel like it is work.


If you could have any two superpowers what would they be?


I would like to be able to read people’s minds. I am one of those people who are constantly wondering what other people are thinking. I believe if everyone actually said what was on their mind that there would be a lot less confusion in the world.


I also would like the ability to fly. I’ve been zip lining and the feeling you get from that is so freeing so I can only imagine what it is like flying.


What value does working for and being a member of the Y bring to your life?


Working at the Y brings me joy! The core values speak to me personally and I am truly proud to work here.