Meet Allison and Julian Kroschke

July 08, 2016


Check out what Allison and Julian do on Saturday afternoons."

What do Downers Grove residents and Indian Boundary YMCA members, Allison and Julian Kroschke do on Saturday afternoons?  If you guessed own and operate their own business.  You would be correct!  At the ripe old age of ten and twelve, they are the owners of Twisted Jump Ropes, which is one of the many vendors at the Indian Boundary YMCA’s Downtown Downers Grove Farmer’s Market.  Twisted Jump Ropes is a one year old company that was established for them when they told their entrepreneur mom, Alana, “We want a business mom.”  After visiting a Civil War demonstration where they saw participants making jump ropes, they were ready to jump in with both feet, literally.  The ropes are made with different color yarn which makes them fun and because they are wound so tight they last a long time.  Using yarn makes them a green product which helps the environment and it also makes the ropes more balanced.  For Julian the best part has been the experience he has gained running a business, interacting with customers and handling money on a day to day basis.  Allison agrees and adds that it is great fun being kids selling to kids.  Twisted Jump Ropes also carries Splat Balls and Ugears, which are unique moving puzzles from the Ukraine.  They both love the reaction they get from kids and their friends when they make their own ropes.  Alana says she loves that they are learning skills that they can use throughout their lifetime and that this is the best thing I can teach my kids.  Their first year at the market has been a very successful one and they enjoy working with the friendly vendors.  Their advice to other kids is to try and start your own business.  It is a great experience and lots of fun too!  Currently they are saving for a trip to Paris, however, Allison’s goal is to be a doctor and Julian wants to be a pediatric nephrologist/part time party magician, and with the success of Twisted Jump Ropes they are skipping their way there.