ABC’s to Diabetes -

November 15, 2015


Diet, exercise critical to prevent damage."

When people are diagnosed with diabetes ABC becomes the acronym they live by. Otherwise they can develop heart disease  and other diabetes complications, such as vision loss and neuropathy.  “A” is the average glucose level over the last three months.  “B” stands for blood pressure which should be 130/80 or lower.  “C” is for cholesterol, unchecked cholesterol makes bad cholesterol of (LDL) too high.  

A good confident diet and exercise can be the way to go to get back on the healthy track.  Try one of our fitness classes, personal training, swimming, fitness center and more.  To learn about your healthy options, sign up for your Free Fitness Consultation today.  Contact Gina Belmont at 630-929-2432 or schedual an appointment at our Membership Desk today at 630-968-8400.