71 and Strong!

January 25, 2019


One of Our Very Own Personal Trainers Rebekah Huizenga would like to Share Her Story! "

I've been training Kathie for about 3 months. She came into my office for a Wellness consultation and decided that personal training would be the best way for her to reach her goals!

Kathie is in amazing shape and is very strong. She trains with me twice a week and she is able to do some fairly advanced exercises on the TRX as well as being able to lift an impressive amount of weight.

Last week she performed 50 pound deadlifts. She is also able to plank prone on her side while performing a lateral raise. Not to mention she does a half hour of cardio on some of the days she's not training with me.

What I love about training Kathie th emost is that she will try anything I give her no matter how challenging it may be with no complaints and plenty of confidence!