December 07, 2018

Summer 2019 Registration Open!

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Camp Independence Campers,

Don't delay in REGISTERING today for YMCA Camp Independence summer camp 2019.  Camp Independence is a special place for campers aged 7 and up with spina bifida to build confidence, gain independence skills, make new friends, sing around a campfire, swim, try new activities, and best of all they will have fun! 

Going to Camp Independence overnight camp is not only a memory that your child will cherish forever, but it also has the potential to change their life.  Camp Independence offers a safe and supportive environment for campers to learn and grow about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Download your registration form here, and Financial Assistance form here, or you can register online ($200 deposit required for online registration)!

For a brochure or more information contact Brandon Krozel, Program Director at the camp office: 847-546-8086.